• Drunch: A definition

    Sunday Drunch (that’s ‘Drunken Brunch’ for the uninitiated) is a collaborative effort. Every Sunday we take turns in hosting a brunch comprised mostly of awesome, but usually with a side of bacon. This is followed in most cases by a few ciders to reflect on the weekend and generally chill out. When everyone has hosted that month, and there’s still a Sunday to go, we’ll go out and eat in a pub somewhere and let someone else do the cooking. This is what Sundays are about, and if your Sundays aren’t like this then you’re doing it wrong!

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La Favorita

Being internationally-famous drunken chefs, sometimes we accidentally get invited to check out new restaurants and bars in the hope that a little of our bacon-flavoured stardust will rub off. We don’t take the honour lightly. Launch events are not a free lunch. We pay our way by spreading the word and telling friends and fans … Read more

All hail to the chef!

Due to an experiment involving a cooker, a cheese injection system and a stray crouton, the drunch team inadvertently created an inter-dimensional rift. We fell in to a parallel universe, trapped in a world where bacon is outlawed as the world was now run by pigs, literally. It was hell, but we managed to send … Read more

Chicken and chips, Drunch style

Chicken and chips for the soul

Drunch has always been a game for three or more players, so while Sara was away arranging a pagan fire festival to celebrate the changing of the seasons, Laura was busy being king of a castle, and Barry was conducting science, Drunch stripped back to basics. Three people, some booze, and a chicken. There are … Read more

A’cheese’ment Unlocked.

Or to quote Sam “Turing your blood type to Brie positive” Its an unfortunate side effect of summer that drunch goes on a bit of a hiatus due to the drunchards being off on various research trips but much like Jason Voorhees we always come back. As this drunch was the first in a while … Read more

Druncho De Mayo 2014

Two years ago, we decided to celebrate Druncho De Mayo. Coinciding with the American/Mexican festival of Cinco De Mayo (which commemorates the Battle of Puebla, 5th of May 1862), Druncho De Mayo is a celebration of all things Mexican and Drunchworthy. By which we mean chilli and tequila. This possibly-annual festival heralds the appearance of … Read more

Game of Drunches: a Drunch of Ice and Fire

Winter is coming. House McMeekin called her banners and Houses Blow, Moore, Neeson and Thomas gathered for the Feast. But how to cook a medieval feast in the Gorbals? To the Internet! For book and TV series fans, there is already a Game of Thrones food blog, from which I have nicked these recipes without … Read more

…Chicken Isn’t Vegan?

This weekend I decided I wanted to channel my inner Number 3 and partake in a plate of Chicken Parmesan. Chicken Parmesan is a great dish which I’m very fond of, but I almost never make it, as it’s a bit of hassle for one portion. It’s also regularly done badly in restaurants –  greasy … Read more

cooking with poo

Thai-ed up in knots, & cooking with Poo

Thailand seems to have been a bit of a theme recently, what with Sam, Barry & myself jumping in the Drunchjet to visit the land of smiles in the past few months.  Sam went for a family wedding, whilst myself and Barry spent two weeks island hopping, seeing the new year in at a beach … Read more

C’mere, ma liddle puddling…

I am somewhat confused, because I was wholeheartedly convinced that I had written this blog quite some time ago.  However, it does rather appear that I didn’t, which is more than somewhat remiss of me.  Apologies, drunchlings, I meant no disrespect.  Sam, the poor dear, was near bereft!  (And prodded me in the arm repeatedly.)  … Read more

Me Love You Loin Time

That might be one of the worst puns we’ve had on this blog. Or one of the best, it really depends how you like your puns! One thing everyone loves though is loins. We love all of the loins here at Drunch and showed our support for the LGBT community at Sochi and around the … Read more

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